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For a number of years it has been a dream of ours to be offered a certification program for manufacturers' representatives.

Experts suggest that a good certification program should contain a training and testing phase as well as the traditional tenure and educational requirements that other certification programs have. Also, to give the program more public credibility, it should not be run by any private, local or national rep organizations. Rather, it should be managed by an independent function, such as the Manufacturers Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF).

This type of program squarely addresses the competency of the individual rep owner / manager in running a rep firm, rather than specifics relative to the rep function of business. Certification shows Customers and Principals that one has achieved a distinct level of competency in every element of running a successful company.

Much has been said about the rapid change occurring in the 90's that challenge our ability to "keep pace" when managing a successful business. Certainly, the more professional we look, the better chance we have of remaining competitive. Certification is a major building block for the professionalism of the successful rep firm of the future.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I would like to announce that I am among the first in the country to graduate (1994) from the certification program sponsored by M.R.E.R.F. and held at the University of Indiana in successive three year programs.

We look forward to serving you with an even greater proficiency, while continuing to maintain our existing high levels of commitment and excellence to all the individuals and companies we have the pleasure to interface with in our everyday business dealings.

Joel R. Casaubon


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